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chiisanakoi's Journal

Personal Journal of Ling Yao
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This is an In Character journal for my character Ling Yao on gatemush. I made it a community because I hate having to log out of my journal to log into another one. That's why nobody can actually join the community, but feel free to watch it!

Unless otherwise specified, all of these entries are ICly hand-written in a journal in Xingese, so any replies will be considered OOC. Feel free to comment if you like!

Oh, and what's the meaning of the community name? 'Chiisana Koi' means 'Little Koi'. It can also be a reference to 'koi' meaning 'love'. The two go hand in hand with Ling's character on gatemush as a symbol of his love for Orihime Inoue (journal leekspin), referring to the night in the garden when he confessed his feelings for her. Yeah yeah, sappy I know, but I'm not terribly creative at times.